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Regal Eagle has integrated booking functionality into our online site and mobile application to help our residential clients find our engineers and book our engineers at a time convenient to you. Just click on the large purple button above to begin.


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A Structured Program

At Regal Eagle we specialise in structural engineering computations and analysis, we regular perform steel beam calculations for residential alterations and extensions. We also include our technical drawings with the work, and can advise on any Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) changes that we be affected by the new building layout.


Our CAD Services

Regal Eagle does work with contractors, architects, surveyors, and engineers to produces technical drawings needs for the submissions of various reports and construction works. Our team has over 10 years of expertise and experience handling these duties. We are available to work on your premises; whether that be in a residential or commercial setting, or through the varies methods of connectivity in this modern age.


Featured Project

Richborough Close, Reading

The owner occupies the residential building on the street in which the owner plans to combine the Living Room and Kitchen area on the Ground Floor. Internal walls were to be removed. The existing garage space was to be converted into an additional bedroom.

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Consulting Engineers

Building Structures

Buildings are structures designed to withstand both predictable circumstances and unpredictable conditions, depending on the application of the structure. Engineers are assigned the responsibility of safety managing these environments in the most reliable way. See how we can help you.

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Earth Structures

The knowledge of the ground conditions is important for Structures as it will affect have an effect on the Structure sitting above it. Engineers will carefully select materials and develop designs based on the data extracted from the site. Contact us to find out how.

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Civil Structures

Infrastructure used by the public is catergoried by us a Civil Structure. Civil Structures take many forms and cover a wide range of construction techniques. Engineers will assess the need of structure and consider the many form that can be applied. Discover our process of selection.

Our Projects

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What our Client's Say

Mark Bigum

Mark BigumHomeowner

Inspecting Structures

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Planning Permission

Planning laws are put in place by the government to prevent urban sprawl, protect the countryside and natural environment from... read more

Selection of Structural Members

When planning a consultation with a professional engineer to assist you with your projects it isimportant that you are able... read more

BIM Utilisation

BIM Utilisation What is BIM? Building Information Modelling is a concept where by project information is gather and represented in data... read more

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