A Structured Program

At Regal Eagle we specialise in structural engineering computations and analysis, we regular perform steel beam calculations for residential alterations and extensions. We also include our technical drawings with the work, and can advise on any Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) changes that we be affected by the new building layout.


Our CAD Services

Regal Eagle does work with contractors, architects, surveyors, and engineers to produces technical drawings needs for the submissions of various reports and construction works. Our team has over 10 years of expertise and experience handling these duties. We are available to work on your premises; whether that be in a residential or commercial setting, or through the varies methods of connectivity in this modern age.


For Investors

Risk Managed

We hand pick our investment based on the skills and experience that we already posses within our highly skill team of individuals, this puts you as the investor in a place of comfort knowing that you hard earn funds are being put to the best use.

Long Term

Our strategy always looks for long term sustainable growth, and a stable income. This comes at the expense of short term growth and a long capital appreciation target. Your capital is at risk.


Featured Project

Meath Road, Ilford

A residential owner occupies a residential building on the street which required structural alterations to be done as a full refurbishment of the unit is ongoing. They require specific chimney breasts to be removed and a rear extension, this changed the internal layout and opened up space in the building.

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Mark Bigum

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