The Past

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Into the Future


This was a hugely unpredictable year. It came with huge recessions in our expected client base, earnings and growth potential.

However, the clients we did receive where asking for a higher level of service, and our individual project workloads are increasing. This sets us up for a future where we hope to command competitive fees for more complex, long duration, engineering tasks.


This year we worked of 30+ individual clients and saw a moderate improvement in company growth.

We were approached by a grammar school student who wanted engineering related work experience and we were able to host this student for two weeks during the summer break, we enjoyed this experience and we hope to continue are involvement with youth engagement.


This was a great business growth year! We worked with over 25 individual clients predominantly on their residential projects, providing consultant services related to structural engineering. Some of the project highlights can be found by visit the Projects page of this website.

However, we enjoyed working with a client who requested a structural inspection report for the purpose of identifying whether the first floor in her property needed reinforcements as she was going to replace her existing bathtub with a cast iron bathtub.


We began to transform our services from a drawings service to an engineering and design services. This year we meet a client who became a freeholder of commercial property in Plumstead South East London. He want us to survey the property and then produce floorplans based on the measurement of that survey. This project was a success and was a turning point towards greater successes in the future.


In September we found work with a geotechnical contractor GeoBond, who requested we come on board as a Structural CAD Technician. We received multiple drawings of strip foundations, pile and pile capping beam drawings as part of our subcontract of work, we enjoyed the brief relationship.


We then invested time into research and development of future energy machines, but so realised that the our research leading idea, came from sources who we set about designing a perpetual motion machine. We began to look into 3D Printing application and its usages in Manufacturing and Design which brought a measure of success, but the demand for client wasn’t strong enough to sustain a growing business.


In May, we become an incorporated company. This was a challenging time for the company, as a new startup venture beginning at ground zero. Having established ourselves as mechanical engineering technicians, for previous professional roles we tried to developed our home automation technology, entering the IMechE’s Home Automation Challenge in 2014.