Our Pitch Deck

The expansion of Regal Eagle

Short Summary

Regal Eagle is an ambitious internal lead engineering design consultancy.
Regal Eagle a highly capable engineering consultant. It is a startup business which has the ability to bring low cost engineering solution through devices to a range of industries, including agricultural, construction, and home automation. We are currently developing an automated device with the help of a team of talented engineers. In the future we hope to expand into developing continents.


  • We have a log of completed project from residential clients
  • We have been profitable from inception
  • Huge room for expansion

The Business

Regal Eagle is a multidisciplinary engineering consultancy, and a Local Structural Design Consultancy in the UK, which as the ambition of becoming one of the strongest national engineering firms which specialises in the main industries of Agriculture, Construction, Energy, Design, and Research and Development.

The Market

The market we operate within is extremely competitive as all other engineering disciplines start to consolidate their assets as various industry start to shrink, such as the oil and gas sector. We believe that having a global approach to are sector in this global age we are still able to provide value to our investors.

Regal Eagle’s Mission

The Deal

Looking for £100,000 – Min per Investor £100

Regal Eagle is giving away 30% in company equity for £100,000. Payment can be made via this link:


View our investment proposal on

View our investment proposal on