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Drawing Service

Our skilled architectural team here at Regal Eagle are educated and trained to develop drawings of a technical nature pertaining to assets of the built environment, these include commercial properties, residential properties, and transportation assets.

We seek individuals with a strong artistic uniqueness that makes our work distinctive from all others. We also study the existing conditions and determine how change might affect the design decisions we implement. So our clients have the confidence that the work we do fits the desire application.

We also make use of current drafting technology to keep in line with the modern market, see our Modelling Service.

Planning Consulting

We understand the laws that control and regulate the planning system, and we use them to minimise the amount of iterations it takes to for your development to reach approval by your respective local governance. This mean that we have successfully advised clients about the probabilities of successfully implemented changes they can actions to stick within the laws.

Regal Eagle has experience dealing planning applications for chimney breast removals, applications for dropped kerbs to allow access to your driveway, application for the change of building use, and have been successful on many occasions.


Sustainability Design

Designing sustainability is all about being responsible with how we use the earth resources in the design of the built environment. We aim to reduce the negative impact on the environment incorporating renewable resources wherever possible.

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