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in the Computer Modelling Industry

Two and Three Dimensional

We have the most skilled computer aided designers in the industry who keep up to date with the latest software, and training, who are able to utilise these tools to create detailed sections, arrangements, explosions, elevations, and plan drawings. We rely on this department at every stage of the design and construction process up until completion.


BIM Level 2

Is a level of 3D model which incorporates data into the design and planning of a project this makes managing changes significantly easier than if you were to just to employ a 3D in itself.


BIM Level 3

This level of BIM is still being defined. It is important to know that BIM is a concept rather than a product. We would like to understand that this stage is to set the basis for a single model to be create with all disciplines having a share at changes the model simultaneously through a online platform.


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Phone: (+44) 203 729 6930

Skype: Regal Eagle BIM Modelling Department